Backlit Mirror: Designer Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

HouzHouz October 16, 2019 Bathroom

The backlit mirror or designer bathroom mirrors with lights is a type of mirror with the light behind it, has replaced many traditional mirrors, especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms. This mirror has a special feature with all the advantages that clearly attract many people. The advantages of backlit mirror […]

Small Narrow Bathroom Designs: Beauty in a Tiny Space

HouzHouz October 18, 2019 Bathroom

Having a small bathroom will offer you such challenge to make everything you need fit in the minimum space. It sometimes becomes a complicated task to provide the space for towels and any other toiletries, and to configure the sink and toilet. Therefore, this article is expected to help you […]

5 Awesome Ways to Design Your Kitchen

HouzHouz October 11, 2019 Kitchen

As new homeowners, you probably need more time to design your own kitchen. For many people, kitchen is an essential part of the house; it is the heart as well as the soul. So, kitchen is not merely a place to cook and prepare the meals for your family. However, sometimes […]

Challenging Ideas for Small Bedrooms to make it bigger

HouzHouz October 14, 2019 Bedroom

Are you looking for challenging ideas for small bedrooms at your home? Bedroom is the most relaxing area in your home as it goes with the personalized ones as the inside will going always as your best comfort home.  When you have small bedroom, then you need to make your […]

Small Kitchen Design Images and Inspirations

HouzHouz October 19, 2019 Kitchen

Looking at small kitchen design images may give you some inspirations to design a small space for your kitchen. Basically, we need quite a lot of space not only to keep all fragile, sharp and hot kitchen’s tools and utensils but also to cook and serve dishes in leisure. Hence, […]

How To Arrange The Small Bedroom Interior Design

HouzHouz October 19, 2019 Bedroom

Bedroom is the private place for many people to take a rest, having a nice, neat, and comfortable bedroom will make us enjoy to stay there for spending our time. For along time, we have known that a nice bedroom always tend with a large room size so you can […]