Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture

shabby chic living room ideas
shabby chic living room ideas

Do you want to bring the charm of old country style into your room? Place the following shabby chic living room furnitures and your room will be definitely transformed into a lovely and cozy vintage room.

Salvaged Furniture

The use of salvaged furnitures is the key to create a shabby chic look in your room. For example. You can reuse your old table with mismatched chairs to create a charming rustic appeal in the room. However, you have to remember that shabby look is different from the dirty or dull look. Therefore, you have to repaint the furnitures which look too dull to be used in the vintage styled living room.

There is another way to create a shabby chic look to your old furniture. You can place the lace onto the surface of your old furniture, and then spray the paint all over it. After removing the lace, you will be surprised by the shabby ornament resulted from the simple trick.   

Soft White Colored Sofa

To create a simple-yet-beautiful shabby look in your living room, you can reuse your old sofa that has been firstly covered by the new white or a soft ornamented cover sheet. Place some DIY pillows with floral or stipe patterns to add more styles to the plain white sofa.  

Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture
Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture : source

Vintage Mirrors

A beauty of an aged object will definitely help you to create a charming shabby look in your room. That is why, a vintage mirror is considered as an essential shabby chic living room furniture that you must have. You can use either medium or large mirror, but the oversized mirror will add more character in your simple white room.

Pastel Painted Furnitures

Although the key element of the vintage look is white, you can still add some pastel colors to add a more cheerful look to your living room. In this case, dusty pink, soft blue, and mint green are the better choices.

Wooden Shutters

Another object that rarely be used by home owners in their vintage style room is the salvaged wooden shutters. These shutters are actually very suitable to be used as an excellent decoration for your vintage living room. By adding these shutters, you can enhance the shabby chic look of your room effortlessly, without spending too much money.  

Iron Furnitures

Not only wooden furnitures, but iron furnitures can contribute so much in bringing the vintage atmosphere into your living room. You can place a beautiful old table lamp or antique chandelier to strengthen the character of your room.

The Fall Ceiling Design For Bathroom, Read This First

bathroom ceiling ideas pictures
bathroom ceiling ideas pictures

When we are going to make our bathroom become beautiful, we sometimes make an extra effort to do that thing. Moreover, you have to give a concern on the fall ceiling. Why? Because the ceiling in the bathroom, should be matched with the stuffs of the bathroom. Besides, the ceiling is also considered as a major highlight of the bathroom. So, the fall ceiling design for bathroom should not be underestimated when we are going to make a beautiful bathroom. In addition, when you are enjoying your bathroom, you may look at your ceiling and let the nature does the job– if you know what I mean.

Why should I design the ceiling bathroom?

As we know, the ceiling has a great contribution in creating good atmosphere in a room. In this field, we have to make bathroom ceiling to have a look which comforts us. Besides, we have to make sure that the ceiling is also built with the materials which are high quality. Perhaps, you have already known why you should choose the best materials for your ceiling. Yup, when your ceiling is very durable, we don’t need to be worried about the safety in the future. Not only that, bathroom ceiling can be designed as your wish. Which means, it can be designed in a contemporary or classic design.

ceiling design for bathroom
ceiling design for bathroom : source

How to design bathroom ceiling?

When you are going to design bathroom ceiling, it is better for you to know some things first. Here, you have to consider the materials and the design. For example, when your bathroom design is minimalist modern, you are suggested to install metal or aluminum materials for your bathroom ceiling. If you haven’t known about this, metal or aluminum ceiling design is fireproof, mold proof, smoke proof, and moisture proof. Which means, the safety and the beauty are combined well. In addition, the metal or aluminum ceiling is easy to install.On the other hand, when we want to apply a classic design onto bathroom ceiling, we have to choose the materials which will fit well. Here, the wooden materials are usually suitable for the classic design. Besides luxurious, wooden materials will make an atmosphere which shows serenity and purity. However, if you want to be more modern, you can install materials which are made of marble. In common, a bathroom which is installed by marble materials is fresher than others. So, if you are going to choose a fall ceiling design for bathroom, make sure that you the design is suitable with the concept.

How To Arrange The Small Bedroom Interior Design

small bedroom interior design
small bedroom interior design

Bedroom is the private place for many people to take a rest, having a nice, neat, and comfortable bedroom will make us enjoy to stay there for spending our time. For along time, we have known that a nice bedroom always tend with a large room size so you can put your stuff without feel stuffy. And what happens if only you have a small bedroom? Can you make your small bedroom interior design beautifully?

Absolutely, you can make it. Having a small room certainly will make you feel narrow, stuffy and messy. But do not worry have a small bedroom it doesn’t  mean that you cannot make it although it sounds possible and difficult, because you can make your small bedroom interior design lovely by yourself.

simple bedroom decorating ideas
simple bedroom decorating ideas : source

Tips For Small Bedroom Interior Design

This is a few tips we should do for small bedroom interior design to make your bedroom look bigger, prettier and nice.

  • Avoid A Lot Of Color In Your Bedroom

Adding a lot of color in your bedroom which have limited area precisely will make it look narrow. That’s why you should choose a neutral color like white, base color or another color which make your room look neat, large and clean. And you can use nice wallpaper with neutral color, apply white color as the dominant color on the walls or furniture.

  • Using A Good Lighting

A good lighting is an important thing if your want your small bedroom look interesting. Try to vanish a dark color or thing in your bedroom to make it brighten, and you should arrange the exposure of sunlight to make it brighten and lane for an air circulation beside it make pretty it also make your bedroom being health.

  • Using Small Size Furniture

Because you have a small bedroom so you should adjust it with a small size furniture, choice and adjust the furniture are the necessary thing that you must do, so your bedroom will look so neat and even seem so luxurious. That’s why using a small size furniture is a good idea like a small cupboard, a small table and a small bed because if you chose a big size furniture it will make your room space more narrow and cramp.

  • Using Mirror

Creating depth and dimension with using mirror in your small bedroom. Mirror chosen because it can add depth with their ability to act  and add a lot of visual attract like cupboard.

So that is a few tips which you should do for small bedroom interior design to make your bedroom look bigger, prettier and nice.

Small Kitchen Design Images and Inspirations

small kitchen design images
small kitchen design images

Looking at small kitchen design images may give you some inspirations to design a small space for your kitchen. Basically, we need quite a lot of space not only to keep all fragile, sharp and hot kitchen’s tools and utensils but also to cook and serve dishes in leisure. Hence, with the small space you have, you need to maximize its use by taking a glance to these small kitchen design ideas.

Sleek Kitchen for Urban Apartments

The point in the small kitchen design is the use of sleek materials with glossy finishes for the most furniture pieces. Not only making the kitchen looks more luxurious despite its limited space, the shiny accents tend to make the kitchen feels larger. Besides, installing tall windows in the kitchen is also the best idea to give airy ambiance as it doesn’t only become the gorgeous focal point but also offer the best sweeping view of the town.

Country Chic Small Kitchen

The other small kitchen design images are country chic small kitchens. The idea is about remodeling the rustic kitchen to your minimalist house by bringing chic and fresh vibe. By then the shades chosen are the combination of white and pastels colors such as baby blue and pink coral. To match the airy white color, install stainless steel stove, dishwater and vent-hood. Besides, the use of open shelves as well as glass-front doors in this small kitchen design are really helping to get rid of claustrophobic feeling of a small space kitchen.

small kitchen design pictures modern
small kitchen design pictures modern : source

Small Galley Kitchen with Striking Focal Point

This design proves that even a narrow kitchen can look fabulous when you put a striking focal point in it. This small kitchen image is quite simple in design. The kitchen consists of sleek wooden and stainless steel kitchen’s furniture pieces. The best part comes at the end of the galley where there are tall windows and window seat below it. The design of window seat itself is simple yet chic with stripped navy blue-white color. The seat also has double-function as it affords extra kitchen storage below the bench.

Minimalist Youthful Eat-in Kitchen

Basically white is dominating the overall design of the kitchen as it becomes the color of all the big furniture pieces in the kitchen. This white dominant paint combined with sleek wood floorings, marble countertops, gleaming blue backsplash and a little splash of lime yellow colors in the chairs and other little stuffs enhance the simple and youthful ambiance to this minimalist design; make the kitchen looks more airy. This is definitely one of the small kitchen design images which are suitable for today’s modern minimalist houses and apartments.

Interesting Ideas to Design Shabby Chic Dining Room

Shabby chic dining room
Shabby chic dining room

Shabby chic dining room becomes favourite for those who like dramatic look and these are some charming ideas to decorate your dining room so.

Create dining bliss

You can create blissful feeling in the dining room with shabby chic style. All you have to do is painting the dining room area with white colours and combine it with soft brown high curtains. This not only creates higher feeling of room but also exude warm atmosphere in the dining area. Then cover the chairs with drapes. It will serves as great companion for wooden table. The chandelier over the dining table also add chic look in this room.

Dreamy white dining room

You can make shabby chic style look more charming in the dining room by placing long white wooden table in it. Then, use two white wooden chairs on its edge and use wrought iron for the other chairs. Standing clock with broken white colour placed behind dining table gives both pretty and dream look. For more seating area, you can place white sofa in this chic dining room. The combination of white walls and wooden floor create calming atmosphere in this room.

rustic chic dining room ideas
rustic chic dining room ideas : source

Romantic dining room

Any dining room with shabby chic style also can be transformed into romantic spot if you know the way. No matter if your dining room is small; it will create a good place to enjoy special dinner at night. A small white dining table with four chairs which decorated simply will work with aged cabinets placed on its side. Install low chandelier over the dining table for warmer look at night. Small candles placed on the dining table will not only complete the shabby chic style but also serve as elements which add romantic feeling in the room. For romantic feel, people commonly use beach themed decoration in any dining room which applied shabby chic style.

Vintage eclectic dining room

While the majority of shabby chic decors are packed with vintage and aged furniture, now you can make it look simpler by creating eclectic dining area. This can be done by including simple decorations and low use of accessories. Use soft grey colour to paint the wall and wooden floor. Then, choose light white curtain to avoid heavy look. To complete the simple wooden dining table, use two muted green chairs on one side and long muted green wooden bench on the other side of the table. Place white rugs to emphasize the dining area in shabby chic dining room.

Small Narrow Bathroom Designs: Beauty in a Tiny Space

small narrow bathroom designs
small narrow bathroom designs

Having a small bathroom will offer you such challenge to make everything you need fit in the minimum space. It sometimes becomes a complicated task to provide the space for towels and any other toiletries, and to configure the sink and toilet. Therefore, this article is expected to help you to get an idea for the small narrow bathroom designs that will change your ordinary tiny bathroom into a more beautiful and seems-spacious bathroom.

Problems of Having a Small Bathroom

Having small bathroom is not too bad, actually. However, it usually causes you some troubles like:

1.             There is not enough storage

2.             It looks too minimalist

3.             It has no place for towels

4.             It has no space to put any toiletries

5.             It will make you feel uncomfortable and want to increase the perceived size

small bathroom designs with shower
small bathroom designs with shower : source

Tips for Small Narrow Bathroom Designs

Fortunately, there are some hacks that you can do to solve the problem without the need of enlarging the small bathroom. 

1.             If you want to have a sink in your bathroom, then you should install it in the bathroom’s corner, so that it will not detract the traffic lane in the bathroom. It is important to place it across from the toilet works instead of the shower, since the shower door opening and closing will just make the walk around condition become interrupted.

2.             You can use a shower curtain to replace the door, since its back and forth moves can save more space than the door’s in and out moves.

3.             You can extend the counter using stone or wood slab, so that you can have a wider space available to put some items or toiletries. Another advantage of doing this is that the look will be cleaner and more minimalist.

4.             Employ the large scale pattern on your walls or floors, because it can make a more spacious impression. You can use wide stripe if you want to get a minimalist yet modern look.

5.             You are suggested not to use a shower door. Instead of using a shower door, it is better for you to apply a glass panel to your bathroom. The glass panel will keep the water in the shower, yet it can provide you more space for elbow room.

6.             It will be great if you use a mirror that stresses across the wall in order to make your bathroom looks more spacious. Besides, an expanded mirror can be used by two people at once.

7.             Placing the towel on your bathroom door can be an alternative to save the space. It will keep your towels handy and it can let your towel dry as well.