The Fall Ceiling Design For Bathroom, Read This First

bathroom ceiling ideas pictures
bathroom ceiling ideas pictures

When we are going to make our bathroom become beautiful, we sometimes make an extra effort to do that thing. Moreover, you have to give a concern on the fall ceiling. Why? Because the ceiling in the bathroom, should be matched with the stuffs of the bathroom. Besides, the ceiling is also considered as a major highlight of the bathroom. So, the fall ceiling design for bathroom should not be underestimated when we are going to make a beautiful bathroom. In addition, when you are enjoying your bathroom, you may look at your ceiling and let the nature does the job– if you know what I mean.

Why should I design the ceiling bathroom?

As we know, the ceiling has a great contribution in creating good atmosphere in a room. In this field, we have to make bathroom ceiling to have a look which comforts us. Besides, we have to make sure that the ceiling is also built with the materials which are high quality. Perhaps, you have already known why you should choose the best materials for your ceiling. Yup, when your ceiling is very durable, we don’t need to be worried about the safety in the future. Not only that, bathroom ceiling can be designed as your wish. Which means, it can be designed in a contemporary or classic design.

ceiling design for bathroom
ceiling design for bathroom : source

How to design bathroom ceiling?

When you are going to design bathroom ceiling, it is better for you to know some things first. Here, you have to consider the materials and the design. For example, when your bathroom design is minimalist modern, you are suggested to install metal or aluminum materials for your bathroom ceiling. If you haven’t known about this, metal or aluminum ceiling design is fireproof, mold proof, smoke proof, and moisture proof. Which means, the safety and the beauty are combined well. In addition, the metal or aluminum ceiling is easy to install.On the other hand, when we want to apply a classic design onto bathroom ceiling, we have to choose the materials which will fit well. Here, the wooden materials are usually suitable for the classic design. Besides luxurious, wooden materials will make an atmosphere which shows serenity and purity. However, if you want to be more modern, you can install materials which are made of marble. In common, a bathroom which is installed by marble materials is fresher than others. So, if you are going to choose a fall ceiling design for bathroom, make sure that you the design is suitable with the concept.

Small Narrow Bathroom Designs: Beauty in a Tiny Space

small narrow bathroom designs
small narrow bathroom designs

Having a small bathroom will offer you such challenge to make everything you need fit in the minimum space. It sometimes becomes a complicated task to provide the space for towels and any other toiletries, and to configure the sink and toilet. Therefore, this article is expected to help you to get an idea for the small narrow bathroom designs that will change your ordinary tiny bathroom into a more beautiful and seems-spacious bathroom.

Problems of Having a Small Bathroom

Having small bathroom is not too bad, actually. However, it usually causes you some troubles like:

1.             There is not enough storage

2.             It looks too minimalist

3.             It has no place for towels

4.             It has no space to put any toiletries

5.             It will make you feel uncomfortable and want to increase the perceived size

small bathroom designs with shower
small bathroom designs with shower : source

Tips for Small Narrow Bathroom Designs

Fortunately, there are some hacks that you can do to solve the problem without the need of enlarging the small bathroom. 

1.             If you want to have a sink in your bathroom, then you should install it in the bathroom’s corner, so that it will not detract the traffic lane in the bathroom. It is important to place it across from the toilet works instead of the shower, since the shower door opening and closing will just make the walk around condition become interrupted.

2.             You can use a shower curtain to replace the door, since its back and forth moves can save more space than the door’s in and out moves.

3.             You can extend the counter using stone or wood slab, so that you can have a wider space available to put some items or toiletries. Another advantage of doing this is that the look will be cleaner and more minimalist.

4.             Employ the large scale pattern on your walls or floors, because it can make a more spacious impression. You can use wide stripe if you want to get a minimalist yet modern look.

5.             You are suggested not to use a shower door. Instead of using a shower door, it is better for you to apply a glass panel to your bathroom. The glass panel will keep the water in the shower, yet it can provide you more space for elbow room.

6.             It will be great if you use a mirror that stresses across the wall in order to make your bathroom looks more spacious. Besides, an expanded mirror can be used by two people at once.

7.             Placing the towel on your bathroom door can be an alternative to save the space. It will keep your towels handy and it can let your towel dry as well.

Backlit Mirror: Designer Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

Designer bathroom mirrors with lights
Designer bathroom mirrors with lights

The backlit mirror or designer bathroom mirrors with lights is a type of mirror with the light behind it, has replaced many traditional mirrors, especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms. This mirror has a special feature with all the advantages that clearly attract many people.

The advantages of backlit mirror

One of the biggest advantages when using this bathroom mirror is not to cause a shadow. You also do not have to worry about the placement of wall lights or hanging. The backlit mirror illuminates everything in a fun and uniform way. You’ll see changes as soon as you switch from a regular mirror. The light around the mirror does not have to be white. If you want something special, choose a different color. Another detail that might convince you to get rid of the old mirror is the fact that the light it offers is very similar to natural light and higher than other types.

In addition, the LED strip lasts longer than the bulb so you do not have to worry about having to replace it in the near future. LED lamps are very energy efficient and also more environmentally friendly. If this is a concern, you can add this fact to the list of benefits gained from the backlit mirror. Then for the mirror, the glass has a higher quality than the usual type. Of course, there is a difference between traditional mirrors and modern backlit types that are more modern.

modern and contemporary bathrooms
modern and contemporary bathrooms : Source

Things to consider in installing the backlit mirror

The main thing we must think about first before installing the bathroom mirror is how spacious is the bathroom we have? It is very important to determine the size and also the number of mirrors that we will install in the bathroom. The size of the bathroom is relatively small, of course fitting is installed only one mirror with a size that is not too large. Installation of double mirror is best if you have a large enough bathroom. The other important thing in choosing bathroom mirrors is lighting. It would be nice if we provide adequate lighting if the current light in our bath room is very minimal or tend to dim.Furthermore, the important thing in choosing bathroom mirror is the dominant color that exists in the bath room. It is very important to align the color of the mirror lights to avoid contradictions with the dominant colors that exist. Certainly not wise if the colors in general are bright colors like white, beige, or light blue, while we choose designer mirrors with lights with blue or red lights.

The 1960S Bathroom Design for The Memorable Moments

1960s Bathroom Design ideas
1960s Bathroom Design ideas

1960s bathroom design is very amusing and so antique, for you who want to bring back the sweet old memories from your youth era, you can try to modify the outlook of your contemporary bathroom design to be more vintage and retro by applying the old bathroom design from 1960s. When the time you have redecorated and rearranged the outlook of your bathroom interior design to be more in the 1960s era, you will feel the new nuance in your bathroom that you will feel that you are jumping to another time in a long time ago. You could also modify the retro bathroom design by applying some supporting details in the bathroom such as applying the vintage displays which are more beautiful if you choose the displays that are made of the wooden material.

1960S Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are very interested in applying the 1960 bathroom design ideas in your own bathroom design, you can make it happen by considering about the all things in detail and you have to be consistent. For instance, you have to rearrange and redecorate all of the elements in your bathroom starting from the floor, the floor will use the small cube tile pattern which is very characteristic from the 1960s. the color that is used for the tile usually will be in a blue color. Even though there will be a combination, the best and the correct color combination for the tile is in the white plain tile, if you have done with the floor, get ready for the ground on your bathroom now is from different era. For the wall color and pattern doesn’t need more to be concerned, because the white wall color can be the more characteristic from the 1960s era, because there are still no something that is more a stand out design in the 1960s.

1960s Pink Bathrooms Color Ideas
1960s Pink Bathrooms Color Ideas : Source

Modern Take on 1960S Bathroom Design

For you who want to make your own bathroom design to be more interesting and fascinating, you can also try to use and apply the extraordinary vintage design. For example, you can try to apply the modern 160s bathroom design, the modern take on 1960s bathroom design can be made better and also able to bring back the memorable moments in the past time where just the richest family from 1960s who are able to have such a bathroom. To make the modern of the 1960s design style, thing that needs to be more considering for the arrangement is the two-color combination which is the first color should be in just plain, you can choose whatever color it is for the plain one, and then for the other color you have to make it special like the elegant vertical pattern with some combination from three different colors. That’s how to make the 1960s bathroom design.

The Updated Bathroom Designs to Beautify Your Old Bathroom

Updated bathroom designs
Updated bathroom designs

Updated bathroom designs are very dazzling for the design and the nuance that is produced from the style, and if you have ever thought that the outlook of your home interior design is kind of bored with the ordinary design, you may want to try to redecorate and rearrange the part of your own bathroom design to be more interesting and amazing. First of all, you have to determine first what kind of design that you want to build in the bathroom, to make such an updated bathroom design, you also need to concern about the color combination, the material that you use, and the aesthetic style of the bathroom design

New Bathrooms Designs

The first thing that you have to concern while thinking about the new bathroom designs are the values of the bathroom design itself, let’s take an example to make such a contemporary bathroom design. You can first to concern about the design of the tiles of your bathroom, choose the best material or concrete material for the tiles, because it has its own aura to produce the modern nuance in your bathroom design, and of course the color of the tile must be in the black and white color or something like that. You could also think about the other accessories in the bathroom, you can apply some gorgeous and elegant displays to make the outlook and the scenery of the bathroom design to be more elegant and updated.

USA bathroom design style
USA bathroom design style : Source

Updated Bathrooms Designs USA Today

For you who want to make the bathroom interior design to be more beautiful and elegant, you can beautify the outlook of your bathroom interior design by seeing the references from the updated bathrooms designs USA today, because some designs and styles of the bathroom in USA always being an inspiration from many designers. In USA, there are people who love to build their own bathroom design with the minimalist bathroom design, it seems simple but it has the elegant aura and mesmerizing outlook, for you who want to build like a USA bathroom design style, you can try to follow every design of the bathroom which are so American with the minimalist style and the design would be much for black color as the dominant colored-theme to make the modern style, and you must know that by applying a bathtub also can increase the advanced design for your updated bathroom designs.