The Fall Ceiling Design For Bathroom, Read This First

HouzHouz October 20, 2019 Bathroom

When we are going to make our bathroom become beautiful, we sometimes make an extra effort to do that thing. Moreover, you have to give a concern on the fall ceiling. Why? Because the ceiling in the bathroom, should be matched with the stuffs of the bathroom. Besides, the ceiling […]

Small Narrow Bathroom Designs: Beauty in a Tiny Space

HouzHouz October 18, 2019 Bathroom

Having a small bathroom will offer you such challenge to make everything you need fit in the minimum space. It sometimes becomes a complicated task to provide the space for towels and any other toiletries, and to configure the sink and toilet. Therefore, this article is expected to help you […]

Backlit Mirror: Designer Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

HouzHouz October 16, 2019 Bathroom

The backlit mirror or designer bathroom mirrors with lights is a type of mirror with the light behind it, has replaced many traditional mirrors, especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms. This mirror has a special feature with all the advantages that clearly attract many people. The advantages of backlit mirror […]

The 1960S Bathroom Design for The Memorable Moments

HouzHouz October 14, 2019 Bathroom

1960s bathroom design is very amusing and so antique, for you who want to bring back the sweet old memories from your youth era, you can try to modify the outlook of your contemporary bathroom design to be more vintage and retro by applying the old bathroom design from 1960s. […]

The Updated Bathroom Designs to Beautify Your Old Bathroom

HouzHouz October 13, 2019 Bathroom

Updated bathroom designs are very dazzling for the design and the nuance that is produced from the style, and if you have ever thought that the outlook of your home interior design is kind of bored with the ordinary design, you may want to try to redecorate and rearrange the […]