How To Arrange The Small Bedroom Interior Design

small bedroom interior design
small bedroom interior design

Bedroom is the private place for many people to take a rest, having a nice, neat, and comfortable bedroom will make us enjoy to stay there for spending our time. For along time, we have known that a nice bedroom always tend with a large room size so you can put your stuff without feel stuffy. And what happens if only you have a small bedroom? Can you make your small bedroom interior design beautifully?

Absolutely, you can make it. Having a small room certainly will make you feel narrow, stuffy and messy. But do not worry have a small bedroom it doesn’t  mean that you cannot make it although it sounds possible and difficult, because you can make your small bedroom interior design lovely by yourself.

simple bedroom decorating ideas
simple bedroom decorating ideas : source

Tips For Small Bedroom Interior Design

This is a few tips we should do for small bedroom interior design to make your bedroom look bigger, prettier and nice.

  • Avoid A Lot Of Color In Your Bedroom

Adding a lot of color in your bedroom which have limited area precisely will make it look narrow. That’s why you should choose a neutral color like white, base color or another color which make your room look neat, large and clean. And you can use nice wallpaper with neutral color, apply white color as the dominant color on the walls or furniture.

  • Using A Good Lighting

A good lighting is an important thing if your want your small bedroom look interesting. Try to vanish a dark color or thing in your bedroom to make it brighten, and you should arrange the exposure of sunlight to make it brighten and lane for an air circulation beside it make pretty it also make your bedroom being health.

  • Using Small Size Furniture

Because you have a small bedroom so you should adjust it with a small size furniture, choice and adjust the furniture are the necessary thing that you must do, so your bedroom will look so neat and even seem so luxurious. That’s why using a small size furniture is a good idea like a small cupboard, a small table and a small bed because if you chose a big size furniture it will make your room space more narrow and cramp.

  • Using Mirror

Creating depth and dimension with using mirror in your small bedroom. Mirror chosen because it can add depth with their ability to act  and add a lot of visual attract like cupboard.

So that is a few tips which you should do for small bedroom interior design to make your bedroom look bigger, prettier and nice.

Wall Designs for Bedroom of Growing Young Girl

Wall designs for bedroom
Wall designs for bedroom

Choosing the right wall designs for bedroom will not demand you to spend much money many times for the changing needs of bigger girl. A young girl grows so fast in their teenage ages. That is why you should find the right designs in order not to redesigning the bedroom every year. One of the most important ways is choosing the right design for the bedroom wall.

Art Work  

Art work can be a wall feature that is suitable for your young girl’s room in longer time until she is pre-teen and older. Choose an artwork with girly look such as a painting with the images of flowers, a girl, girl’s things, etc. Another great option can be a wall painting. You can make a DIY project to paint the young girl’s bedroom wall in floral images, tree branches, birds, butterflies, etc. Choose images that can be suitable in wider age ranges. If your daughter has a beautiful artwork, you can frame it and then display in her bedroom to show your great respect.

Wall Paint

Wall paint must belong to the most important part of wall designs for bedroom. To get your purpose of designing the room for a growing girl, then neutral colors are best to choose. Paint the wall in white, gray, cream, light teal, etc. Such colors will be suitable for the young girls until they grow to be young women.

young girl’s bedroom wall
young girl’s bedroom wall : source


You must need to apply some furniture pieces in the girl’s bedroom as organizer and storage of their stuffs. Shelves and wall-mount racks also can be the parts of the girl’s room wall designs. Choose furniture in simple but stylish design and neutral color so the room’s owner will love it for years as the place to store or display her favorite collectibles, books, stuffy, dolls, accessories, etc.       

Large Windows

Large windows can become a nice part of wall designs in a girl’s bedroom. It will give a nice view to a garden outside and make the room look more airy than the room with a small window only. Apply some curtains or blinds that enable your daughter to open or close the windows as needed. Choose the right curtains too so it will be suitable for the young girl in more years.By choosing and applying the right things in your daughter’s room, you can make it a cozy bedroom. Consider the design of things before choosing so she can have the wall designs for bedroom as she is growing older. 

Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Two Girls to Share

Small bedroom design ideas
Small bedroom design ideas

Small bedroom design ideas to be shared by two girls can be the ideas you need if you share a room with your sister or roommate. Even you share the room, you still need a little private space for your things. You also can’t make the room cluttered even the room is divided. All you need is to be creative and getting accessible smart storage for everything. So the room will look tidy even it is the place of two girls with double amounts of belongings.     

Room Divider

If you are pre-teen or even older, you must need privacy. Applying screen room divider must be a great idea to part the room. Choose any color of room divider or paneled screens that can be girly divider in the girls’ room. Find the right size to divide the room in two and not too big that can clutter the limited room up. If possible, get a divider with different design or color in each side so it can show the favorite design of each girl.   

Smart Storage

The small bedroom design ideas also must provide smart storage in the small shared room. Choose platform bed instead of a traditional bed since you can have large drawers under the bed as smart storage spaces. Otherwise, use some baskets as smart storages under your traditional bed. It will work well as valuable space in such limited space.    

Additionally, hooks are also great to choose as organizer of kinds of things. Hang some clothes, hats, sport equipment, pocketbooks, etc. on the hooks. It will be effective to get off the things from cluttering on the floor or on bed. Choose coat hooks that are commonly used for mudrooms or foyers and hand it in an area as your additional storage space. Besides, have a hanging shoe rack on the back of the door to have smart space for storing the shoes up to 20 pairs.

Smart shelf storages small bedroom
Smart shelf storages small bedroom : Source

Bedding Idea    

Right bedding will help making the room to be tidier every day. Provide a comforter to ease you put the bed back every morning. Throw the comforter over your bed and then you can make it. Choose pillowcases that match the comforter instead of the pillow shams for much easier making the bed in the morning.Having the right design, you can make the shared room tidier and comfortable even it is only a small room. Apply the small bedroom design ideas and have your comfortable space although you should share with your sister. 

Challenging Ideas for Small Bedrooms to make it bigger

Ideas for Small Bedrooms
Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Are you looking for challenging ideas for small bedrooms at your home? Bedroom is the most relaxing area in your home as it goes with the personalized ones as the inside will going always as your best comfort home.  When you have small bedroom, then you need to make your bedroom as cozy as it will be your rest place when you return to your home. In small bedroom, you can make it look bigger from the real size when you use several tips. This can be inspiration for you.

Less is more

Lets face the fact, your bedroom is relaxing corner, then it should be has as little as clutter if possible. What you need to add for your bedroom as basic elements for make it spacious and inviting. This because your extra accessories can lead into disorganized bedroom that make there are something that require changing. To make your room cozier, you are able to add your bedroom with bed, large mirror, and dressing and nightstand. If you enjoying art or creative people, then you can bring painting you like or the sculpture.

Small bedroom idea use mirror
Small bedroom idea use mirror : Source

Main rules for small bedroom size

This rule is general rules that able to apply in any rooms in your home, include bedrooms.

  • For enhance your space feeling, add light colors and use darker hues for tend to close with and lighten the wall and furnishing
  • Ditch your king or queen size bed and replace with space saving furniture. In case when you have storage issues to solve, you can use under bed storage option for free ups your space requirement.  
  • Expand the visual look from your bedroom use mirror

Tips for small bedroom designs

Small bedroom means you need to think creatively when you design it. Use the vibrant patterns for your bedroom if the owner is happy with live colors and pattern. This will give your bedroom with stand out look for the vibrant look from the patterns.  The space saving is a must when it face with small area space. Use space saving bed with storage or peninsula style desk bed as it can remove to pull down and provide expanded bed space. Go to color your bedroom with black, white and bold color. Small bedroom does not means that you just allowed to apply the bedroom with pastels color or white. The bold coordination of black and white patterns can add more energy to the room with airy feeling space in ideas for small bedroom designs.

Interior Design for Bedroom

Bedroom design photo gallery
Bedroom design photo gallery

Choose best interior design for bedroom that will make your bedroom sophisticated and comfortable. Designing your bedroom is activities that time consuming, and sometimes it can endless with complicated things up than handle high traffic areas such as kitchen and living room. Here are some tricks where you can design your bedroom.

Find ideas for your bedroom

There are no other better places to give personality favor for bedroom. In bedroom, use everything that will valuable for our bedroom aesthetically aspects, use personalize the element for decorations, corporate the family photograph, and many other sentimental decorating accessories. It is great idea for looking inspiration from design magazine, local shops and even take tour shopping for looking perfect carpet or table lamp for your bedroom.

Choose best position for bed

The most common approach for comfiest bed is bed positioning. There are most of us that sacrifice the valuable bedroom space for bed positioning. The huge bed size can be means necessarily not comfortable enough as when the smaller one is available and do good performance for bedroom when the small space bedroom need.  The first thing that need to be considered when choosing bed is the placement, especially when you decide to use large bedroom is small or limited bedroom space. If the area is afford for them, and then royal beds are best option.

Interior design for bedroom
Interior design for bedroom : Source

Choose the color scheme for bedroom

Color scheme is the next important aspects that need to be considered in bedroom design. As color related with temperature, then you need to choose several colors to compare. The warm color shades for bedroom wall can over stimulating and might disturb the relaxing atmosphere that you want for your bedroom as you do not implies for use cool palette because it can depress you rather than make you relaxing in your bedroom. Follow these tips for choosing best wall paint for your bedroom.

  • Choose the color that match between your bedroom furniture and accessories as universal rules,.
  • Consider between bedroom size and atmosphere you want to create before choose the appropriate color
  • Pay more attention for colors that access to the natural light
  • Consider professional for painting planners
  • Keep the upper limit color into three when one color is not enough to paint in your color. Two colors should be natural and the third last will be bold.
  • If the first color is bold color, then the natural one need to match with it
  • Do not worry if it has too much for color scheme as you can modify it easily when mix and match interior design for bedroom.