Small Kitchen Design Images and Inspirations

small kitchen design images
small kitchen design images

Looking at small kitchen design images may give you some inspirations to design a small space for your kitchen. Basically, we need quite a lot of space not only to keep all fragile, sharp and hot kitchen’s tools and utensils but also to cook and serve dishes in leisure. Hence, with the small space you have, you need to maximize its use by taking a glance to these small kitchen design ideas.

Sleek Kitchen for Urban Apartments

The point in the small kitchen design is the use of sleek materials with glossy finishes for the most furniture pieces. Not only making the kitchen looks more luxurious despite its limited space, the shiny accents tend to make the kitchen feels larger. Besides, installing tall windows in the kitchen is also the best idea to give airy ambiance as it doesn’t only become the gorgeous focal point but also offer the best sweeping view of the town.

Country Chic Small Kitchen

The other small kitchen design images are country chic small kitchens. The idea is about remodeling the rustic kitchen to your minimalist house by bringing chic and fresh vibe. By then the shades chosen are the combination of white and pastels colors such as baby blue and pink coral. To match the airy white color, install stainless steel stove, dishwater and vent-hood. Besides, the use of open shelves as well as glass-front doors in this small kitchen design are really helping to get rid of claustrophobic feeling of a small space kitchen.

small kitchen design pictures modern
small kitchen design pictures modern : source

Small Galley Kitchen with Striking Focal Point

This design proves that even a narrow kitchen can look fabulous when you put a striking focal point in it. This small kitchen image is quite simple in design. The kitchen consists of sleek wooden and stainless steel kitchen’s furniture pieces. The best part comes at the end of the galley where there are tall windows and window seat below it. The design of window seat itself is simple yet chic with stripped navy blue-white color. The seat also has double-function as it affords extra kitchen storage below the bench.

Minimalist Youthful Eat-in Kitchen

Basically white is dominating the overall design of the kitchen as it becomes the color of all the big furniture pieces in the kitchen. This white dominant paint combined with sleek wood floorings, marble countertops, gleaming blue backsplash and a little splash of lime yellow colors in the chairs and other little stuffs enhance the simple and youthful ambiance to this minimalist design; make the kitchen looks more airy. This is definitely one of the small kitchen design images which are suitable for today’s modern minimalist houses and apartments.

Kitchen Styles that You Always Find in Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

kitchen designs photo gallery
kitchen designs photo gallery

There are various websites that show kitchen designs photo gallery. At the beginning you may confuse with variety style of kitchen those websites showed to you. But after you see several photo gallery you will notice the difference between them. So here are the most common kitchen styles that you would always find in kitchen designs photo gallery anywhere.  

Farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen always give you warm and homey vibes. Farmhouse style does not care with high-end appliances. It prefers to be functional and comfortable for the cooker and the rest of family. The main elements of this style are open-shelves cabinet, wide sink, classical wooden floor and big kitchen table.

Rustic kitchen

This style often use timber, stone, brick with rough cut. The kitchen appliances used in this kitchen style usually in vintage style like copper pan or reclaimed wood kitchen table.

Modern kitchen

The main elements of this kitchen style are simple and stainless steel appliances, black and white colors or pale colors, and lack of ornaments.

Traditional kitchen

This style likes to put elaborate details in its design. You may see arches, corbels and molding in the kitchen. The furnishing often used in traditional kitchen are antique and elegant. If you see traditional kitchen, it almost like you go to the old world.

traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen
traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen : source

Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchen is often difficult to be separate with modern kitchen. Modern kitchen more emphasized the structure and shapes, while contemporary kitchen prefer to emphasize the form and finishing. Sometimes you can find elements from other kitchen styles in this contemporary style.

Transitional kitchen

Transitional kitchen is combining two of opposite style like traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen. Though they were the opposite styles you won’t see any imbalance in the kitchen. You can still feel warming vibe from its simple line furnishing since transitional kitchen emphasize balance and harmony. It is the perfect style for homeowner who love two different style and create their personal kitchen.

Craftsman kitchen

Like its name, the kitchen often use handcraft furnishing that would charm everyone who see it. Because they use handcraft furnishing, you may see the kitchen full with rich wood.

Cottage kitchen

When we think of cottage kitchen, we often think about colorful curtains and accents, vintage kitchen appliances and wooden floor. You won’t feel anything from cottage kitchen other than cozy and happy feeling.

Classic kitchen

The main elements from classic kitchen are white cabinet, black and white accents and simple details. It may look cold what with white and black colors, but you can always personalize and combine classic style with other style.

Eclectic kitchen

There are no standard elements for this kitchen style since it depends on homeowner taste and preference. You would see in all kitchen designs photo gallery that this style would show you humor and carefree living of the owner.

Best Kitchen and Bath Design Ideas

Kitchen and bath design ideas
Kitchen and bath design ideas

Kitchen and bath design ideas will be the best guides for you to design these rooms perfectly at your home. As we know, there are some types of home design you can find. For example, you can get traditional home and Midwest home design that will present the bath and kitchen spaces more variable for you.

So, how to design those two rooms? There are some guides that can help you. If you want to know more about them, you can keep reading below. Here are some ideas for you.

Command Central Design

This design will be super organized one for you. By applying this design, you will find eco- friendly kitchen, mudroom, and pantry. The idea of this design will make you finding dinner on the table. Besides that, you will be able to organize the clutter daily. Then, you can also find the breeze sensation while spending times in the kitchen.

You can find the banquette at the center of your kitchen. It will turn your kitchen getting shifted to the living room. It will help your kids doing homework while you are all getting food in the kitchen.

Wooden cabinet in the kitchen
Wooden cabinet in the kitchen : Source

Sunny Days Design

This one will give you some advantages. First of all, you will get natural light supplies. This light will be supplied through the window wall. You can also see the light from the window glass. For creating more natural view, you can add wooden cabinet in the kitchen. Don’t forget to have lower cabinet that is supported by convection oven. Besides that, you can also create the contrast look by keeping the wooden finishes that will provide you the larger spaces.

Green Team Design

Having eco friendly kitchen is everyone’s dream. How to create this kitchen concept? Well, it is easy for you to build up the eco friendly kitchen design. What you need to do is for using the recycled glass. This design will make up the tiles and countertop on your cooking backsplash. Besides that, if you want greater ideas, you can choose natural linoleum floor. This kind of floor is made from linseed oil. There are also other renewable materials you can use for making this floor. Then, you can also choose organized recycling center’s service to carry your mission to save the planet. Finally, those are all some design ideas you can use in order to create best kitchen and bath design.

What should you do to Your L-Shape Kitchen?

L shape kitchen design
L shape kitchen design

Many people have l shape kitchen design. Do you also have it at your house? If you have it and you want to renovate it, you can read these few tips. Obviously, there are many kitchen layouts, but l shaped kitchen is truly one of a kind. There are many things that you can do to boost the functionality and modernity of your l shape kitchen design. This l shape design enables you to have  more space. In other words, you will have more rooms to move around. You can consider these few things to keep the flexibility of your l shape kitchen.

The L Shape Designs

Basically, l shape design is meant to face the open space. Usually, homeowners like to put a table or kitchen island in the middle of the room. Another brilliant idea to incorporate this l shape design is by installing pocket door. By doing so, you can have open plan kitchen. Patio door will be great if you want to link your l shape kitchen with your backyard. This way, your kitchen gets more lights and air.

Apparently, there are few kinds of l shape kitchen design. The first design is called the double l shape. The double l shape goes to the layout of the kitchen as well as the Kitchen Island. In this case, if your l shape kitchen is large, you can put l shape kitchen Island in the middle of it.

Another design is known as broken l shape. For this design, you must maximize the height of your kitchen cabinets. Perhaps, you should also prepare wall cabinets which are equipped with counter space. The counter space should be free from clutters; perhaps it is better for you to keep some of the clutters in the storage. Just remember, for the storage, you can make use of the kitchen island. The l shape Peninsula should also have extra cabinets. It is usually a place to put your laptop or a place to finish your paperwork.

L shape Kitchen Design and Layout Ideas
L shape Kitchen Design and Layout Ideas : Source

The Basic Functionality of L Shape

For this type of kitchen layout, you are required to give enough space for the counter and storage. You should provide effective layouts like kitchen triangles. As mentioned earlier, this shape is an open space kitchen, so it is better if you think of your privacy. Try to separate your kitchen area with other area in your house. Generally, you must push the boundaries to get the best l shape kitchen design that matches your style and taste.

5 Awesome Ways to Design Your Kitchen

Steps to kitchen remodel
Steps to kitchen remodel

As new homeowners, you probably need more time to design your own kitchen. For many people, kitchen is an essential part of the house; it is the heart as well as the soul. So, kitchen is not merely a place to cook and prepare the meals for your family. However, sometimes kitchen is placed right at the back of your house, so it is often isolated from other rooms. Nowadays, many people are beginning to value kitchen and they are trying to incorporate with dining space or even living room. Therefore, homeowners who are planning to build a kitchen should plan the design carefully.

5 Ways to Design Your Kitchen

The first thing that you must do is to know your style and understand your taste. You are also recommended to be brave and push the boundaries. Explore your creativity; you can use bright colors for the wall and the kitchen cabinet. You can also match the theme of your kitchen to the whole house. Patio door is always a good idea since it brings fresh air to the room and the whole house.

Design your own kitchen
Design your own kitchen : Source

The second that you can do is you should be ergonomic as well as practical. Do not only think on how to make it look amazing, but you also need to think about its functionality. You can apply efficient layout, put your refrigerator in an accessible place. It is better for you to provide a storage space, so you can avoid clutters.  

The third way is always try to be different. Think about any element that makes your kitchen feels more like sanctuary and provides more space to move around. You can use white color and then combine with natural elements for the cabinetry and flooring. Remember, your design should also include the cooking appliances.

The fourth way that is also important is the materials for your kitchen. You must look for durable materials like marbles. Meanwhile, stainless steel may looks good, but it is not recommended since it is easily scratched. For better investment, you should definitely consider on what your family need. Great materials usually require less maintenance. It may last for 20 years, so you do not need to spend more budgets in the future.  

Choosing the right lightning for your kitchen is also the best way for you to make the kitchen different. You should consider put the light right in front of you, rather than behind you. This way, you can avoid shadows. You also need to use LED lights to brighten up the kitchen. So, design your own kitchen wisely and be smart!