Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture

shabby chic living room ideas
shabby chic living room ideas

Do you want to bring the charm of old country style into your room? Place the following shabby chic living room furnitures and your room will be definitely transformed into a lovely and cozy vintage room.

Salvaged Furniture

The use of salvaged furnitures is the key to create a shabby chic look in your room. For example. You can reuse your old table with mismatched chairs to create a charming rustic appeal in the room. However, you have to remember that shabby look is different from the dirty or dull look. Therefore, you have to repaint the furnitures which look too dull to be used in the vintage styled living room.

There is another way to create a shabby chic look to your old furniture. You can place the lace onto the surface of your old furniture, and then spray the paint all over it. After removing the lace, you will be surprised by the shabby ornament resulted from the simple trick.   

Soft White Colored Sofa

To create a simple-yet-beautiful shabby look in your living room, you can reuse your old sofa that has been firstly covered by the new white or a soft ornamented cover sheet. Place some DIY pillows with floral or stipe patterns to add more styles to the plain white sofa.  

Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture
Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture : source

Vintage Mirrors

A beauty of an aged object will definitely help you to create a charming shabby look in your room. That is why, a vintage mirror is considered as an essential shabby chic living room furniture that you must have. You can use either medium or large mirror, but the oversized mirror will add more character in your simple white room.

Pastel Painted Furnitures

Although the key element of the vintage look is white, you can still add some pastel colors to add a more cheerful look to your living room. In this case, dusty pink, soft blue, and mint green are the better choices.

Wooden Shutters

Another object that rarely be used by home owners in their vintage style room is the salvaged wooden shutters. These shutters are actually very suitable to be used as an excellent decoration for your vintage living room. By adding these shutters, you can enhance the shabby chic look of your room effortlessly, without spending too much money.  

Iron Furnitures

Not only wooden furnitures, but iron furnitures can contribute so much in bringing the vintage atmosphere into your living room. You can place a beautiful old table lamp or antique chandelier to strengthen the character of your room.

Interesting Ideas to Design Shabby Chic Dining Room

Shabby chic dining room
Shabby chic dining room

Shabby chic dining room becomes favourite for those who like dramatic look and these are some charming ideas to decorate your dining room so.

Create dining bliss

You can create blissful feeling in the dining room with shabby chic style. All you have to do is painting the dining room area with white colours and combine it with soft brown high curtains. This not only creates higher feeling of room but also exude warm atmosphere in the dining area. Then cover the chairs with drapes. It will serves as great companion for wooden table. The chandelier over the dining table also add chic look in this room.

Dreamy white dining room

You can make shabby chic style look more charming in the dining room by placing long white wooden table in it. Then, use two white wooden chairs on its edge and use wrought iron for the other chairs. Standing clock with broken white colour placed behind dining table gives both pretty and dream look. For more seating area, you can place white sofa in this chic dining room. The combination of white walls and wooden floor create calming atmosphere in this room.

rustic chic dining room ideas
rustic chic dining room ideas : source

Romantic dining room

Any dining room with shabby chic style also can be transformed into romantic spot if you know the way. No matter if your dining room is small; it will create a good place to enjoy special dinner at night. A small white dining table with four chairs which decorated simply will work with aged cabinets placed on its side. Install low chandelier over the dining table for warmer look at night. Small candles placed on the dining table will not only complete the shabby chic style but also serve as elements which add romantic feeling in the room. For romantic feel, people commonly use beach themed decoration in any dining room which applied shabby chic style.

Vintage eclectic dining room

While the majority of shabby chic decors are packed with vintage and aged furniture, now you can make it look simpler by creating eclectic dining area. This can be done by including simple decorations and low use of accessories. Use soft grey colour to paint the wall and wooden floor. Then, choose light white curtain to avoid heavy look. To complete the simple wooden dining table, use two muted green chairs on one side and long muted green wooden bench on the other side of the table. Place white rugs to emphasize the dining area in shabby chic dining room.

How to Have Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom ideas
Shabby chic bedroom ideas

Bedroom can be said as the most comfortable area in a house. A lot of style can be applied in this room, one of them is shabby chic. Here are some tips to apply shabby chic bedroom ideas.

Colors Options

If you want to play colors in the furniture of your bedroom, let the walls be in white. Avoid to apply colorful colors and crowded pattern both in furniture and walls. Besides white, there are also soft colors and pastel colors you are able to choose as wall paints to get shabby chic style in your bedroom.  Dusty pink, baby blue, and beige as your bedroom wall paints, and combine it with patterned bedroom furniture.

Furniture Options

In order to sharpen the shabby chic style in your bedroom, use classic furniture which are painted in solid colors. Besides solid colors, you are also able to pick furniture painted in clear gloss to show the natural colors of wood. Or you can paint the furniture yourself and add shabby scratches effect to make the shabby chic bedroom ideas even stronger.

If you want to have wooden bedroom furniture, do not have many of them because they will make your bedroom looks pale. You are also able to bold and vibrant colors, but only use them as a highlighter. If you use them as dominant colors, you will lose the shabby chic style.

shabby chic style in your bedroom
Shabby chic style in your bedroom : Source

Bed Linen Options

The bed design is the most decisive element of shabby chic style in your bedroom. Show the shabby chic style by having flower patterned bed linen and bed cover with pastel colors. You can also add laces and ribbons. Bed linen and bed cover with flower pattern is the simplest and fastest way to have shabby chic style in your bedroom.

Do not forget to match the colors and the patterns of bed linen and bed cover with the colors and the patterns in your bedroom furniture.

Lamps and Lighting

The presence of desk lamp or table lamp will bring sweet impression which is the characteristic of shabby chic style. Pick classic table lamp with typical carvings in pastel colors. You are able to place the desk lamp in beside your bed or side by side with your photo frame.

Besides desk lamp, you can also choose chandeliers to beautify the shabby chic style applied in your bedroom. The chandeliers can be used as lighting source, and also as decorative accessories in  your bedroom.

3 Simple Ideas for Shabby Chic Dining Table

Shabby Chic Dining Table
Shabby Chic Dining Table

If you are interested to apply the idea of shabby chic interior, it seems better to be total. It means that even in every item of furniture you have, this should be provided in shabby chic design. of course, it is including the dining table. However, it is probably a little bit confusing how a shabby chic dining table is. Well, to ease you while shopping, here they are the things you must know.

Classic Design

If we analyze the term shabby chic itself, it is closely related to the look of feminine, things that women usually like. Then, in general, shabby chic interior is implemented by applications of decorations like flowers, floral patterns, ruffles, and the likes. Particularly for the furniture, it can be more flexible actually. but it seems more appropriate if you choose the classic one. Classic furniture is signed by the application of details like in the form of engraving and others. When it is matched with shabby chic decorations like flowers in vases around, it looks more magnificent for sure.

rustic style dining table
rustic style dining table : Source

Classic Decorations

Unfortunately, it is probably not really easy to find sorts of classic dining table recently. It doesn’t mean that such designs are not available at all. it is only about the number is limited in the market so that the price tends to be more expensive as well. We cannot deny the ‘power’ of modern interior and furniture nowadays. If you find it difficult to buy one, it is okay to use the modern-designed dining table. To make it look shabbier chic, just play with the decorations. Despite flower and floral decorations around, you can put a classic vase with a bunch of flowers there. This way, the modern look on the table will be disappeared and welcome the shabby chic.

Country-Style Dining Table

Here is one more idea to replace the classical shabby chic design. This is actually still categorized as classic design but just a little bit coarse. Yes, country or rustic style dining table is just a great alternative. It is no matter if the design is just not smooth just like the industrial furniture. It can just be simply covered by the application of flowers and shabby chic table cloth. More than that, this idea is slightly better than the modern one. Why? It is because of the classic vibe on it. This is something that the minimalist furniture will never have.

3 Unique Ideas for Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby chic living room
Shabby chic living room

Bringing out classic style in home interior decoration is not something wrong in this modern day. Yes, if you are tired enough with contemporary-minimalism around, just try to go back to the romantic era. Shabby chic design is one of them. Indeed, shabby chic basically looks so feminine and girly. This is something the men commonly avoid. But you must not worry since there are some unique shabby chic ideas for more neutral look. It can be seen from its application in the living room. Check them out.

Neutral Pastel Colors

Shabby chic interior design is closely related to pastel colors like pink, white, caramel, milky blue, and many more. Those colors are even combined at once to accentuate the classic look more. Of course, so that you can lessen the girly look here, just try remove colors like pink and the likes. You can only use the neutral ones like white, caramel, chocolate, and probably blue and green in pastels. If you think those colors are too monotonous, you can strike it a little bit with red or maroon on some parts like as the home accessories.

Unique shabby chic ideas
Unique shabby chic ideas : Source


If you notice well, shabby chic is also all about the applications of floral patterns anywhere. It can be on the sofa and cushion covers and even there must also be the real flowers around. When you are a man and it is okay for you, that’s great. This is how shabby chic interior should be. However, if you find it too much, replace those flowers with green planthouses. Despite this idea is more neutral, you can feel your living room more refreshing. Flowers in white can also be added for more beautiful look anyway.

Shabby Chic-Modern Combination

Although shabby chic ideas are so lovely, not all living rooms can just apply it well. when your living room is small and narrow enough, it is better to think twice. Shabby chic interior that is full of details can just make the atmosphere feel cramped and stuffy. The only solution for your small living room is by combining it with modern design. Therefore, the shabby chic ideas are limited only in some parts like the furniture and some accessories. Meanwhile, let some parts of your living room free and empty.

Of course, shabby chic is not only good to combine with the modern one. Try also other ideas like shabby chic and country or shabby chic and rustic combination. So, are you interested in applying shabby chic living room?