How to Have Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom ideas
Shabby chic bedroom ideas

Bedroom can be said as the most comfortable area in a house. A lot of style can be applied in this room, one of them is shabby chic. Here are some tips to apply shabby chic bedroom ideas.

Colors Options

If you want to play colors in the furniture of your bedroom, let the walls be in white. Avoid to apply colorful colors and crowded pattern both in furniture and walls. Besides white, there are also soft colors and pastel colors you are able to choose as wall paints to get shabby chic style in your bedroom.  Dusty pink, baby blue, and beige as your bedroom wall paints, and combine it with patterned bedroom furniture.

Furniture Options

In order to sharpen the shabby chic style in your bedroom, use classic furniture which are painted in solid colors. Besides solid colors, you are also able to pick furniture painted in clear gloss to show the natural colors of wood. Or you can paint the furniture yourself and add shabby scratches effect to make the shabby chic bedroom ideas even stronger.

If you want to have wooden bedroom furniture, do not have many of them because they will make your bedroom looks pale. You are also able to bold and vibrant colors, but only use them as a highlighter. If you use them as dominant colors, you will lose the shabby chic style.

shabby chic style in your bedroom
Shabby chic style in your bedroom : Source

Bed Linen Options

The bed design is the most decisive element of shabby chic style in your bedroom. Show the shabby chic style by having flower patterned bed linen and bed cover with pastel colors. You can also add laces and ribbons. Bed linen and bed cover with flower pattern is the simplest and fastest way to have shabby chic style in your bedroom.

Do not forget to match the colors and the patterns of bed linen and bed cover with the colors and the patterns in your bedroom furniture.

Lamps and Lighting

The presence of desk lamp or table lamp will bring sweet impression which is the characteristic of shabby chic style. Pick classic table lamp with typical carvings in pastel colors. You are able to place the desk lamp in beside your bed or side by side with your photo frame.

Besides desk lamp, you can also choose chandeliers to beautify the shabby chic style applied in your bedroom. The chandeliers can be used as lighting source, and also as decorative accessories in  your bedroom.

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