Kitchen Styles that You Always Find in Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

kitchen designs photo gallery
kitchen designs photo gallery

There are various websites that show kitchen designs photo gallery. At the beginning you may confuse with variety style of kitchen those websites showed to you. But after you see several photo gallery you will notice the difference between them. So here are the most common kitchen styles that you would always find in kitchen designs photo gallery anywhere.  

Farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen always give you warm and homey vibes. Farmhouse style does not care with high-end appliances. It prefers to be functional and comfortable for the cooker and the rest of family. The main elements of this style are open-shelves cabinet, wide sink, classical wooden floor and big kitchen table.

Rustic kitchen

This style often use timber, stone, brick with rough cut. The kitchen appliances used in this kitchen style usually in vintage style like copper pan or reclaimed wood kitchen table.

Modern kitchen

The main elements of this kitchen style are simple and stainless steel appliances, black and white colors or pale colors, and lack of ornaments.

Traditional kitchen

This style likes to put elaborate details in its design. You may see arches, corbels and molding in the kitchen. The furnishing often used in traditional kitchen are antique and elegant. If you see traditional kitchen, it almost like you go to the old world.

traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen
traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen : source

Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchen is often difficult to be separate with modern kitchen. Modern kitchen more emphasized the structure and shapes, while contemporary kitchen prefer to emphasize the form and finishing. Sometimes you can find elements from other kitchen styles in this contemporary style.

Transitional kitchen

Transitional kitchen is combining two of opposite style like traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen. Though they were the opposite styles you won’t see any imbalance in the kitchen. You can still feel warming vibe from its simple line furnishing since transitional kitchen emphasize balance and harmony. It is the perfect style for homeowner who love two different style and create their personal kitchen.

Craftsman kitchen

Like its name, the kitchen often use handcraft furnishing that would charm everyone who see it. Because they use handcraft furnishing, you may see the kitchen full with rich wood.

Cottage kitchen

When we think of cottage kitchen, we often think about colorful curtains and accents, vintage kitchen appliances and wooden floor. You won’t feel anything from cottage kitchen other than cozy and happy feeling.

Classic kitchen

The main elements from classic kitchen are white cabinet, black and white accents and simple details. It may look cold what with white and black colors, but you can always personalize and combine classic style with other style.

Eclectic kitchen

There are no standard elements for this kitchen style since it depends on homeowner taste and preference. You would see in all kitchen designs photo gallery that this style would show you humor and carefree living of the owner.

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