Wall Designs for Bedroom of Growing Young Girl

HouzHouz October 17, 2019 Bedroom

Choosing the right wall designs for bedroom will not demand you to spend much money many times for the changing needs of bigger girl. A young girl grows so fast in their teenage ages. That is why you should find the right designs in order not to redesigning the bedroom […]

Kitchen Styles that You Always Find in Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

HouzHouz October 17, 2019 Kitchen

There are various websites that show kitchen designs photo gallery. At the beginning you may confuse with variety style of kitchen those websites showed to you. But after you see several photo gallery you will notice the difference between them. So here are the most common kitchen styles that you […]

How to Have Shabby Chic Bedroom

HouzHouz October 16, 2019 Shabby Chic

Bedroom can be said as the most comfortable area in a house. A lot of style can be applied in this room, one of them is shabby chic. Here are some tips to apply shabby chic bedroom ideas. Colors Options If you want to play colors in the furniture of […]

Backlit Mirror: Designer Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

HouzHouz October 16, 2019 Bathroom

The backlit mirror or designer bathroom mirrors with lights is a type of mirror with the light behind it, has replaced many traditional mirrors, especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms. This mirror has a special feature with all the advantages that clearly attract many people. The advantages of backlit mirror […]

Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Two Girls to Share

HouzHouz October 15, 2019 Bedroom

Small bedroom design ideas to be shared by two girls can be the ideas you need if you share a room with your sister or roommate. Even you share the room, you still need a little private space for your things. You also can’t make the room cluttered even the […]

Best Kitchen and Bath Design Ideas

HouzHouz October 15, 2019 Kitchen

Kitchen and bath design ideas will be the best guides for you to design these rooms perfectly at your home. As we know, there are some types of home design you can find. For example, you can get traditional home and Midwest home design that will present the bath and […]