Wall Designs for Bedroom of Growing Young Girl

Wall designs for bedroom
Wall designs for bedroom

Choosing the right wall designs for bedroom will not demand you to spend much money many times for the changing needs of bigger girl. A young girl grows so fast in their teenage ages. That is why you should find the right designs in order not to redesigning the bedroom every year. One of the most important ways is choosing the right design for the bedroom wall.

Art Work  

Art work can be a wall feature that is suitable for your young girl’s room in longer time until she is pre-teen and older. Choose an artwork with girly look such as a painting with the images of flowers, a girl, girl’s things, etc. Another great option can be a wall painting. You can make a DIY project to paint the young girl’s bedroom wall in floral images, tree branches, birds, butterflies, etc. Choose images that can be suitable in wider age ranges. If your daughter has a beautiful artwork, you can frame it and then display in her bedroom to show your great respect.

Wall Paint

Wall paint must belong to the most important part of wall designs for bedroom. To get your purpose of designing the room for a growing girl, then neutral colors are best to choose. Paint the wall in white, gray, cream, light teal, etc. Such colors will be suitable for the young girls until they grow to be young women.

young girl’s bedroom wall
young girl’s bedroom wall : source


You must need to apply some furniture pieces in the girl’s bedroom as organizer and storage of their stuffs. Shelves and wall-mount racks also can be the parts of the girl’s room wall designs. Choose furniture in simple but stylish design and neutral color so the room’s owner will love it for years as the place to store or display her favorite collectibles, books, stuffy, dolls, accessories, etc.       

Large Windows

Large windows can become a nice part of wall designs in a girl’s bedroom. It will give a nice view to a garden outside and make the room look more airy than the room with a small window only. Apply some curtains or blinds that enable your daughter to open or close the windows as needed. Choose the right curtains too so it will be suitable for the young girl in more years.By choosing and applying the right things in your daughter’s room, you can make it a cozy bedroom. Consider the design of things before choosing so she can have the wall designs for bedroom as she is growing older. 

Kitchen Styles that You Always Find in Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

kitchen designs photo gallery
kitchen designs photo gallery

There are various websites that show kitchen designs photo gallery. At the beginning you may confuse with variety style of kitchen those websites showed to you. But after you see several photo gallery you will notice the difference between them. So here are the most common kitchen styles that you would always find in kitchen designs photo gallery anywhere.  

Farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen always give you warm and homey vibes. Farmhouse style does not care with high-end appliances. It prefers to be functional and comfortable for the cooker and the rest of family. The main elements of this style are open-shelves cabinet, wide sink, classical wooden floor and big kitchen table.

Rustic kitchen

This style often use timber, stone, brick with rough cut. The kitchen appliances used in this kitchen style usually in vintage style like copper pan or reclaimed wood kitchen table.

Modern kitchen

The main elements of this kitchen style are simple and stainless steel appliances, black and white colors or pale colors, and lack of ornaments.

Traditional kitchen

This style likes to put elaborate details in its design. You may see arches, corbels and molding in the kitchen. The furnishing often used in traditional kitchen are antique and elegant. If you see traditional kitchen, it almost like you go to the old world.

traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen
traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen : source

Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchen is often difficult to be separate with modern kitchen. Modern kitchen more emphasized the structure and shapes, while contemporary kitchen prefer to emphasize the form and finishing. Sometimes you can find elements from other kitchen styles in this contemporary style.

Transitional kitchen

Transitional kitchen is combining two of opposite style like traditional kitchen and contemporary kitchen. Though they were the opposite styles you won’t see any imbalance in the kitchen. You can still feel warming vibe from its simple line furnishing since transitional kitchen emphasize balance and harmony. It is the perfect style for homeowner who love two different style and create their personal kitchen.

Craftsman kitchen

Like its name, the kitchen often use handcraft furnishing that would charm everyone who see it. Because they use handcraft furnishing, you may see the kitchen full with rich wood.

Cottage kitchen

When we think of cottage kitchen, we often think about colorful curtains and accents, vintage kitchen appliances and wooden floor. You won’t feel anything from cottage kitchen other than cozy and happy feeling.

Classic kitchen

The main elements from classic kitchen are white cabinet, black and white accents and simple details. It may look cold what with white and black colors, but you can always personalize and combine classic style with other style.

Eclectic kitchen

There are no standard elements for this kitchen style since it depends on homeowner taste and preference. You would see in all kitchen designs photo gallery that this style would show you humor and carefree living of the owner.

How to Have Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom ideas
Shabby chic bedroom ideas

Bedroom can be said as the most comfortable area in a house. A lot of style can be applied in this room, one of them is shabby chic. Here are some tips to apply shabby chic bedroom ideas.

Colors Options

If you want to play colors in the furniture of your bedroom, let the walls be in white. Avoid to apply colorful colors and crowded pattern both in furniture and walls. Besides white, there are also soft colors and pastel colors you are able to choose as wall paints to get shabby chic style in your bedroom.  Dusty pink, baby blue, and beige as your bedroom wall paints, and combine it with patterned bedroom furniture.

Furniture Options

In order to sharpen the shabby chic style in your bedroom, use classic furniture which are painted in solid colors. Besides solid colors, you are also able to pick furniture painted in clear gloss to show the natural colors of wood. Or you can paint the furniture yourself and add shabby scratches effect to make the shabby chic bedroom ideas even stronger.

If you want to have wooden bedroom furniture, do not have many of them because they will make your bedroom looks pale. You are also able to bold and vibrant colors, but only use them as a highlighter. If you use them as dominant colors, you will lose the shabby chic style.

shabby chic style in your bedroom
Shabby chic style in your bedroom : Source

Bed Linen Options

The bed design is the most decisive element of shabby chic style in your bedroom. Show the shabby chic style by having flower patterned bed linen and bed cover with pastel colors. You can also add laces and ribbons. Bed linen and bed cover with flower pattern is the simplest and fastest way to have shabby chic style in your bedroom.

Do not forget to match the colors and the patterns of bed linen and bed cover with the colors and the patterns in your bedroom furniture.

Lamps and Lighting

The presence of desk lamp or table lamp will bring sweet impression which is the characteristic of shabby chic style. Pick classic table lamp with typical carvings in pastel colors. You are able to place the desk lamp in beside your bed or side by side with your photo frame.

Besides desk lamp, you can also choose chandeliers to beautify the shabby chic style applied in your bedroom. The chandeliers can be used as lighting source, and also as decorative accessories in  your bedroom.

Backlit Mirror: Designer Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

Designer bathroom mirrors with lights
Designer bathroom mirrors with lights

The backlit mirror or designer bathroom mirrors with lights is a type of mirror with the light behind it, has replaced many traditional mirrors, especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms. This mirror has a special feature with all the advantages that clearly attract many people.

The advantages of backlit mirror

One of the biggest advantages when using this bathroom mirror is not to cause a shadow. You also do not have to worry about the placement of wall lights or hanging. The backlit mirror illuminates everything in a fun and uniform way. You’ll see changes as soon as you switch from a regular mirror. The light around the mirror does not have to be white. If you want something special, choose a different color. Another detail that might convince you to get rid of the old mirror is the fact that the light it offers is very similar to natural light and higher than other types.

In addition, the LED strip lasts longer than the bulb so you do not have to worry about having to replace it in the near future. LED lamps are very energy efficient and also more environmentally friendly. If this is a concern, you can add this fact to the list of benefits gained from the backlit mirror. Then for the mirror, the glass has a higher quality than the usual type. Of course, there is a difference between traditional mirrors and modern backlit types that are more modern.

modern and contemporary bathrooms
modern and contemporary bathrooms : Source

Things to consider in installing the backlit mirror

The main thing we must think about first before installing the bathroom mirror is how spacious is the bathroom we have? It is very important to determine the size and also the number of mirrors that we will install in the bathroom. The size of the bathroom is relatively small, of course fitting is installed only one mirror with a size that is not too large. Installation of double mirror is best if you have a large enough bathroom. The other important thing in choosing bathroom mirrors is lighting. It would be nice if we provide adequate lighting if the current light in our bath room is very minimal or tend to dim.Furthermore, the important thing in choosing bathroom mirror is the dominant color that exists in the bath room. It is very important to align the color of the mirror lights to avoid contradictions with the dominant colors that exist. Certainly not wise if the colors in general are bright colors like white, beige, or light blue, while we choose designer mirrors with lights with blue or red lights.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Two Girls to Share

Small bedroom design ideas
Small bedroom design ideas

Small bedroom design ideas to be shared by two girls can be the ideas you need if you share a room with your sister or roommate. Even you share the room, you still need a little private space for your things. You also can’t make the room cluttered even the room is divided. All you need is to be creative and getting accessible smart storage for everything. So the room will look tidy even it is the place of two girls with double amounts of belongings.     

Room Divider

If you are pre-teen or even older, you must need privacy. Applying screen room divider must be a great idea to part the room. Choose any color of room divider or paneled screens that can be girly divider in the girls’ room. Find the right size to divide the room in two and not too big that can clutter the limited room up. If possible, get a divider with different design or color in each side so it can show the favorite design of each girl.   

Smart Storage

The small bedroom design ideas also must provide smart storage in the small shared room. Choose platform bed instead of a traditional bed since you can have large drawers under the bed as smart storage spaces. Otherwise, use some baskets as smart storages under your traditional bed. It will work well as valuable space in such limited space.    

Additionally, hooks are also great to choose as organizer of kinds of things. Hang some clothes, hats, sport equipment, pocketbooks, etc. on the hooks. It will be effective to get off the things from cluttering on the floor or on bed. Choose coat hooks that are commonly used for mudrooms or foyers and hand it in an area as your additional storage space. Besides, have a hanging shoe rack on the back of the door to have smart space for storing the shoes up to 20 pairs.

Smart shelf storages small bedroom
Smart shelf storages small bedroom : Source

Bedding Idea    

Right bedding will help making the room to be tidier every day. Provide a comforter to ease you put the bed back every morning. Throw the comforter over your bed and then you can make it. Choose pillowcases that match the comforter instead of the pillow shams for much easier making the bed in the morning.Having the right design, you can make the shared room tidier and comfortable even it is only a small room. Apply the small bedroom design ideas and have your comfortable space although you should share with your sister. 

Best Kitchen and Bath Design Ideas

Kitchen and bath design ideas
Kitchen and bath design ideas

Kitchen and bath design ideas will be the best guides for you to design these rooms perfectly at your home. As we know, there are some types of home design you can find. For example, you can get traditional home and Midwest home design that will present the bath and kitchen spaces more variable for you.

So, how to design those two rooms? There are some guides that can help you. If you want to know more about them, you can keep reading below. Here are some ideas for you.

Command Central Design

This design will be super organized one for you. By applying this design, you will find eco- friendly kitchen, mudroom, and pantry. The idea of this design will make you finding dinner on the table. Besides that, you will be able to organize the clutter daily. Then, you can also find the breeze sensation while spending times in the kitchen.

You can find the banquette at the center of your kitchen. It will turn your kitchen getting shifted to the living room. It will help your kids doing homework while you are all getting food in the kitchen.

Wooden cabinet in the kitchen
Wooden cabinet in the kitchen : Source

Sunny Days Design

This one will give you some advantages. First of all, you will get natural light supplies. This light will be supplied through the window wall. You can also see the light from the window glass. For creating more natural view, you can add wooden cabinet in the kitchen. Don’t forget to have lower cabinet that is supported by convection oven. Besides that, you can also create the contrast look by keeping the wooden finishes that will provide you the larger spaces.

Green Team Design

Having eco friendly kitchen is everyone’s dream. How to create this kitchen concept? Well, it is easy for you to build up the eco friendly kitchen design. What you need to do is for using the recycled glass. This design will make up the tiles and countertop on your cooking backsplash. Besides that, if you want greater ideas, you can choose natural linoleum floor. This kind of floor is made from linseed oil. There are also other renewable materials you can use for making this floor. Then, you can also choose organized recycling center’s service to carry your mission to save the planet. Finally, those are all some design ideas you can use in order to create best kitchen and bath design.