3 Simple Ideas for Shabby Chic Dining Table

HouzHouz October 14, 2019 Shabby Chic

If you are interested to apply the idea of shabby chic interior, it seems better to be total. It means that even in every item of furniture you have, this should be provided in shabby chic design. of course, it is including the dining table. However, it is probably a […]

The 1960S Bathroom Design for The Memorable Moments

HouzHouz October 14, 2019 Bathroom

1960s bathroom design is very amusing and so antique, for you who want to bring back the sweet old memories from your youth era, you can try to modify the outlook of your contemporary bathroom design to be more vintage and retro by applying the old bathroom design from 1960s. […]

Challenging Ideas for Small Bedrooms to make it bigger

HouzHouz October 14, 2019 Bedroom

Are you looking for challenging ideas for small bedrooms at your home? Bedroom is the most relaxing area in your home as it goes with the personalized ones as the inside will going always as your best comfort home.  When you have small bedroom, then you need to make your […]

What should you do to Your L-Shape Kitchen?

HouzHouz October 14, 2019 Kitchen

Many people have l shape kitchen design. Do you also have it at your house? If you have it and you want to renovate it, you can read these few tips. Obviously, there are many kitchen layouts, but l shaped kitchen is truly one of a kind. There are many […]

3 Unique Ideas for Shabby Chic Living Room

HouzHouz October 13, 2019 Shabby Chic

Bringing out classic style in home interior decoration is not something wrong in this modern day. Yes, if you are tired enough with contemporary-minimalism around, just try to go back to the romantic era. Shabby chic design is one of them. Indeed, shabby chic basically looks so feminine and girly. […]

The Updated Bathroom Designs to Beautify Your Old Bathroom

HouzHouz October 13, 2019 Bathroom

Updated bathroom designs are very dazzling for the design and the nuance that is produced from the style, and if you have ever thought that the outlook of your home interior design is kind of bored with the ordinary design, you may want to try to redecorate and rearrange the […]