Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture

shabby chic living room ideas
shabby chic living room ideas

Do you want to bring the charm of old country style into your room? Place the following shabby chic living room furnitures and your room will be definitely transformed into a lovely and cozy vintage room.

Salvaged Furniture

The use of salvaged furnitures is the key to create a shabby chic look in your room. For example. You can reuse your old table with mismatched chairs to create a charming rustic appeal in the room. However, you have to remember that shabby look is different from the dirty or dull look. Therefore, you have to repaint the furnitures which look too dull to be used in the vintage styled living room.

There is another way to create a shabby chic look to your old furniture. You can place the lace onto the surface of your old furniture, and then spray the paint all over it. After removing the lace, you will be surprised by the shabby ornament resulted from the simple trick.   

Soft White Colored Sofa

To create a simple-yet-beautiful shabby look in your living room, you can reuse your old sofa that has been firstly covered by the new white or a soft ornamented cover sheet. Place some DIY pillows with floral or stipe patterns to add more styles to the plain white sofa.  

Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture
Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture : source

Vintage Mirrors

A beauty of an aged object will definitely help you to create a charming shabby look in your room. That is why, a vintage mirror is considered as an essential shabby chic living room furniture that you must have. You can use either medium or large mirror, but the oversized mirror will add more character in your simple white room.

Pastel Painted Furnitures

Although the key element of the vintage look is white, you can still add some pastel colors to add a more cheerful look to your living room. In this case, dusty pink, soft blue, and mint green are the better choices.

Wooden Shutters

Another object that rarely be used by home owners in their vintage style room is the salvaged wooden shutters. These shutters are actually very suitable to be used as an excellent decoration for your vintage living room. By adding these shutters, you can enhance the shabby chic look of your room effortlessly, without spending too much money.  

Iron Furnitures

Not only wooden furnitures, but iron furnitures can contribute so much in bringing the vintage atmosphere into your living room. You can place a beautiful old table lamp or antique chandelier to strengthen the character of your room.